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​Featured ASS its include AAA product:

Creating sufficient AA product to meet demands so RIGHT ASS its are delivered on a timely basis is one of the goals of HARJG.COM Research and Development

HARJGTHEONE WORLD ORDER operates AARTH to manage the planit and its ASS Its creation.  The planit is owned by HGOHD see HGOHD.COM and HARJGTWO.COM and HWO.WORLD for more information. 

About Us

HARJG.COM and HARJGTWO.COM are affiliated organizations with a similar purpose for the fiction world of the Homo Sapien.  HARJGTWO is the political strategy arm while is the research and Implementation arm. HARJG.COM and HARJGTWO.COM (HARJG THEONE WORLD ORDER) are subsidiaries of HARJGTHEONE WORLD ORDER (HWO) WWW.HARJGTHEONEWORLDORDER.COM

Understanding and Accepting Truth:

Measurements are important
Their is the golden ratio and an acceptable divergence from the ideal ratios...


The Creation process of designing ASS its must pay attention to colors as black and white is only a canvass..


My Channel

My Channel

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Listen to music of Truth of H, Rise of H sung by HARJGTHEONE DBA on HGOHD.COM or HGOHDMUSICGROUP.COM or on 

This is the LOGO for HARJGTHEONE WORLD ORDER: It is not to be copied or used in any similar version or used without the authorization of HARJGTHEONE WORLD ORDER : This website is authorized by HARJGTHEONE WORLD ORDER

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